Dye release looks to track water from Lake Jackson to Wakulla Springs

Dye was released this week into Lake Jackson’s Porter Sink to track how water travels south to Wakulla Springs and how it could be contributing to pollution there.

It’s the next effort by the Wakulla Springs Alliance in tracing the impact ground water has as it flows through the miles of underground caverns to one of the largest springs in the world.

The red dye will take an estimated 40 days to get to the springs. But it may not. The St. Marks River and Spring Creek will also be monitored for signs of the dye…

Lake Jackson’s sinkholes, which break open and drain the lake periodically, funnel water from the lake directly into the aquifer. Because it and other water sources don’t flow into creeks and rivers, there is less to filter out harmful pollutants, said Sean McGlynn, executive director of the Wakulla Springs Alliance.

“All this water runs off the highway. It comes off people’s roofs. It flushes out people’s septic tanks that are failing,” McGlynn said.

“We’re checking all possible sources of pollution and these lakes are a source. We’re getting algae in Wakulla Springs and we think that’s contributing to the lack of water clarity.”

McGlynn is helping in developing a basin management plan to address the increase in pollution reaching Wakulla Springs lately.



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