Activities and Accomplishments

1968-1998 Watershed Developments, Lake Jackson Action Team, Livingston Studies, SWIM plan
1999 Lake Jackson Post Office and Drury Inn storm water retention
1999-2000 Help organize muck removal
2002 Palafox/Arbor Properties and Hidden Hills/Cartona Hills limited number of dwellings
2004 Summerfield PUD
2005 Palafox Preserve conservation easement
2006-2009 FDOT I-10 Widening and lake protection
2006-2007 Walmart stormwater facilities
2007-2008 CVS PUD on N Monroe & Old Bainbridge

2010-Present – Active in Leon County new aquatic preserve management plan for Lake Jackson:

Management Issues

1. Support steps to bring and maintain water quality to state standards:
a. Explore methods for exporting nutrients (drawdown mucking, vegetation harvesting)
b. Continue to reduce the impacts of stormwater run-off
c. Maintain high quality water quality monitoring program
2. Make the lake a better recreational resource:
a. Evaluate economic impacts/benefits
b. Enhance public access/use
3. Continue to protect the wildlife habitats of the lake:
a. Evaluate economic impacts/benefits
b. Publicize wildlife/natural resources
4. Enhance public information and public involvement:
5. Identify an official/administrative structure with the responsibility and authority to move these goals ahead:
6. Identify sources and develop strategies for securing funding:

Specifics/Advocacy Plans

1. Contact Democrat Editors, WFSU Show, Op-Ed, Presentation to Civic Groups, PublicMeeting
2. Identify the objective information resources that can support the management plan